Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kevin Maguire Justice League International original poster artwork 1987

Here's a blast from the past.

You don't see Justice League International original artwork for sale on eBay often, or at least I don't remember seeing any late 80s/early 90s Kevin Maguire artwork on eBay in many many years.  So when the original art for a poster and original artwork from issue 4 went up on eBay last week, I was pleasantly surprised. 

Hopefully there will be more Kevin Maguire JLI original artwork coming out of art collector closets.  I would definitely be interested and you'd get some bids from me.  If you have some for sale, email me directly.  :-)

The original artwork for the poster sold for what I thought was an amazing amount of loot.  $8,877.77 is a lot of coin.  Granted, this is a great looking team shot done by the main artist of this best selling comic book title which had the quirky characters and stories.  Good times.

Kevin Maguire original artwork for a Justice League International poster from 1987.

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