Tuesday, July 29, 2008

9 Kirby auctions!! X-Men 1 pages!!

I count 9 Jack Kirby auctions on eBay this week!! Time to get out the wallet and get ready to spend some money.. Current prices but expect that to change as it gets closer to when these auctions end.

41460: Jack Kirby X-Men #1, page 10 Original Art $5,500.00-
41461: Jack Kirby - X-Men #1, page 11 Original Art $11,000.00-
41454: Jack Kirby Mister Miracle #17 Pg 15 Original Art $180.00-
41449: Jack Kirby Fantastic Four #90 Original Art $3,500.00-
41455: Jack Kirby Mister Miracle #17 Pg 20 Original Art $240.00-
41456: Jack Kirby Mister Miracle #17 Pg 17 Original Art $300.00-
41442: Jack Kirby Fantastic Four #21 Page Original Art $600.00-
41443: Jack Kirby Fantastic Four #28 Original Art X-Men $2,600.00-
41444: Jack Kirby Fantastic Four #37 Original Art Page $2,200.00-

Avengers 99 page 28

The last page of Avengers 99, page 28, by Barry Windsor-Smith with inks by Tom Sutton sold today for more than $4000.00. I wasn't expecting that high of a price, but then again, how often do BWS pages and art come up on the market? Actually a pretty nice interior panel page with most of the Avengers, including Thor.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Avengers 52 cover by John Buscema

And yet more great art can be found on eBay this week. This time, it is the cover to the Avengers 52 by John Buscema.

For sake of historical tracking, :) I'll update this post when the auction ends with realized price. Put in a bid now while it's still low.

UPDATE: More than $16,000.00

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hero Initiative Hulk 1 original art covers

Yeah!! The folks at Hero Initiative are at it again. Last year, they had an amazing run of Hero Initiative Ultimate Spider-Man 100 covers auctioned off on eBay. This year, they are doing Hulk #1 sketch covers. And wow are they ever. They've got some SUPER nice pieces up for auction already including some gems from Dave Simons, John Cassaday, Guillermo Del Torro, Paul Renaud, Dean Yeagle, John Romita SR, Jay Lynch, Brian Denham, Marat Mychaels, Bob Wiacek, and more to be announced/ posted soon.

Keep this link handy as it it to the HeroInitiative eBay store. and they will be updating this store with new covers regularly.

Shown here is the John Cassaday Hulk #1 cover. I'd love to see a Todd McFarlane, Jeff Purves, or maybe a Dale Keown version. Drool drool... Bid bid... :)...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Avengers 1 page 30 !!

Whoa, wasn't expecting another Avengers 1 page, and both auctions are running in the same week. Here we go.. Avengers 1 page 30, Jack Kirby, Dick Ayers, Stan Lee, 'Nuff said. This page features Ironman, Thor, Hulk, Ant-Man, Wasp, and Loki too! This is the page where the Avengers get their name!!

I'll update this auction after it closes. Looks like a steal right now, at "only" $9,999.00 (reserve not met), almost 10 days to go.

UPDATE: $23,100.00 but reserve not met.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Daredevil 4 page 1

Super rare stuff coming out of eBay this week, and from the same seller to boot! First Avengers 1 page 1, now Daredevil 4 page 1 by Joe Orlando and Vince Colletta, with story by Stan Lee. Currently at $12,300.00 and rising. 4 days to go.

Also gotta love the guy standing behind DD, with his fist clenched and looks like he's ready to sucker punch him. Lock and load. heh.. :)

I'll update this auction when it closes. Anyone wanna guess the approx final price before it ends?

Update: $12,701.00

Avengers 1 page 1 - wow!

You gotta check this out. Avengers 1 page 1 by Jack Kirby from 1963. Rare rare rare. Check out the auction for more details. I'll update this post with the final realized price, but it's currently at $49,500.00 with 4 days to go.

Update: Seller ending due to error in listing, but why do I get the feeling this auction sold off-line.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Charles Schulz Snoopy Peanuts original strip art

This just ended today. Here's a rare and really nice Charles Schultz Peanuts original strip art that sold off eBay for $23,100.00. Features Snoopy playing golf in all 4 frames of the panel. Really clean original art and doesn't seem to have authenticity problems either.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New York Times article on Collecting Original Comic Book Art

Taken from June 30, 2008, New York Times article, "From Trash to Auction, Faster Than a Speeding.. Well You Know".

Comic-book collectors like their numbers. They know that the first issue of X-Men, which introduced Marvel’s mutant superheroes, was published in 1963 and had a cover price of 12 cents. They also know that today a copy of that issue, in near mint condition, is worth $16,500. (Parents, take note.)

And while the market for back issues is well established, more and more collectors are turning their attention to the hand-drawn covers and interior pages that make up a comic book. This original art has become the focus of auctions with sales in the five and six figures. It’s a surprising turn of events for work that in the early days of the industry, was considered so unimportant that it was used to sop up ink or spilled coffee, given away to fans or even destroyed outright.

The art eventually stopped being discarded, and in the 1970s it generally became policy to return the covers and pages to the artists, many of whom began selling it to fans and collectors, who are hungry for it. Last month the cover of Weird Science No. 16, from 1952, drawn by Wally Wood, sold for $200,000. In February an inside black-and-white page from the 1963 X-Men No. 1, by the influential Jack Kirby, sold for $33,460. Late last year two color paintings by Alex Ross, used as covers for a recent Justice League story, were sold by his art dealer for $45,000 and $50,000. In 2005 an auction for the black-and-white cover of Batman No. 11, from 1942, by Fred Ray and Jerry Robinson, closed at $195,500. (read more)


Read the rest of this New York Times article here.