Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cockrum/Layton The X-Men 105 page 30 original art

Here's a sweet page from The X-Men 105 page 30 (before they became Uncanny) with art from Dave Cockrum and Bob Layton. Great looking artwork with large panels featuring the entire team including Phoenix prominently in the center. You even get Wolverine in a pane down below! Signed by Layton.

This piece looks to be very representative of that time. Don't forget pages from this early Cockrum run don't come out for sale publicly very often. From June 1977.

Currently at $6500 (13 bids) with 9 hours to go. Anyone betting on this one doubling before it's done??

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy 2010 !! Darwyn Cooke Justice League New Frontier original art

Happy 2010 Everyone!! Can't believe 2010 is already here --I coulda swore it was only 2008 like last week. Oh man where have I been? ;)

In the 2010 art front, there were a couple nice LARGE Darwyn Cooke style Justice League New Frontier original art pieces that sold on eBay recently. These were 14" x 18" ink and water color on bristol of various characters from that popular GN (and DVD) several years back, all done by Darwyn Cooke himself. The pieces I saw looked fabulous and hopefully there will be more coming and more being auctioned off. Also some other smaller and prelim Cooke artwork sold around this same period.
I'm looking foward to seeing more of these gems from Darwyn Cookie in the coming weeks/months. Stay tuned here for more details as they come in. :)


2010 San Diego Comic Con Update: Did you get your 2010 San Diego Comic-Con tickets yet? I know the 4 and 5 day (preview night) passes are long gone as in SOLD OUT, and Saturday individual tickets are sold out as well. I think this will be a good year to check out the show as I believe there will be a healthy selection of quality original artwork for sale. Of course the big summer movie marketing machine will be at full power during the show too, and who knows which premium movie star will attend to promote their films. Can you say Twilight boys and girls? Whoa that Ashely Greene sobe painted swimsuit was uh fascinating.. ;)

All the big name comic book artists will be at the show as well. What better way to beat the crummy economy than by attending a 4-5 day comic book convention this summer in sunny and warm San Diego. Think vacation. Don't forget your swim suits kids! Party responsibly. :)