Friday, January 30, 2009

New Teen Titans 2 page 9 original comic book art

Just wanted to share a nice piece of original comic book art that sold recently off eBay. You don't see many pages from the early NTT series come up for sale. They get snatched up quickly.

1980 New Teen Titans 2 page 9 original comic book art with George Perez pencils and Romeo Tanghal inks... Sold for just North of $1000.

If you have any early George Perez New Teen Titans pages (1980 series) for sale or trade, please contact me. :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dave Gibbons Watchmen Original Comic Book Art !!

Just in case you missed it, there are 2 Dave Gibbons Watchmen original comic book art pieces up on eBay. First piece is a DPS splash from issue 5. Second piece is also from Watchmen #5. Super super rare. How often do you see Dave Gibbons Watchmen original art for sale? How about like never. :)

The DPS is currently at $24k but reserve not yet met... and ending very soon --Watch this auction for some last minute frantic bidding.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Walt Simonson Thor and Beta Ray Bill original art

Before I call it a night, I've got one more notable sale that I want to report on. :)

Walt Simonson Thor and Beta Ray Bill original artwork, donated by Walt, with proceeds going towards The Lance and Carla Hoffman Burn Fund.

As most of you already know, Walt Simonson artwork doesn't come up for sale often as Walt keeps all of his art. You may see a sketch here and there, but rarely full sized finished art. From time to time, gems come loose from his private collection, and indeed this was a gem. Basically I see it as a full commission with backgrounds, penciled and inked. He doesn't do commissions as far as I know and I don't think you'll see any of his published covers hit the open market. That might explain the $5800 realized sale. Congrats to the winner of the auction.

If you want to help Lance and Carla, check out their site here.

Don Rosa Uncle Scrooge original artwork

This recent auction realized in excess of $14k for the complete 24 page Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge story "Attack of the Hideous Space Monsters!" by Don Rosa.

See the complete interior artwork in large scans at the auction page. A truly beautiful collection of detailed original artwork by Don Rosa.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jim Lee Uncanny X-Men 276 splash doesn't hit $4k on market

There was a great Jim Lee Uncanny X-Men splash page on eBay last week but didn't sell there.

Uncanny X-Men 276 page 1 featuring Gambit and Jubilee.

It was only a year (or maybe less than a year) that this same page would have sold for $4k easily but it didn't even hit that number in auction. Does this mean Jim Lee artwork is gonna take a big hit in the coming months and years? Only time will tell. Could also be that the Jim Lee art market is getting saturated with a lot of his art out there, so it's only natural that prices will not be as high. The collectors with deep pockets might not "have to" have that page anymore. It's easy to blame the recession and crappy economy, as to why fringe collectors are not willing to drop large amounts of cash on artwork. Collectors might be betting against this artwork getting back to those once higher prices. However, it is surprising that more sellers are not trying to "cash out" now while there is still a market for premium artwork. Or it's plain too late, evidenced by this unrealized auction. I'm sure there will be some nifty deals in the near future once those bills start piling up, or more people are affected by the economy. It's all cyclical, in the long run the art market will come back up, but short run is anybody's guess how low things will get and how long (years) before they eventually turn back up to recent high levels.

In the meantime, if you have any Jim Lee X-Men or Uncanny X-Men original artwork for sale, email us. We are also still seeking interior pages from Uncanny X-men 267 --2nd appearance of Gambit issue by Lee, Portacio, Williams.

We buy $$$ trade and deal for late 70s, 80s and early 90s original comic book artwork. McFarlane, Miller, Byrne, Adams, Romita, Lee, Cockrum, Sienkiewicz, etc.