Saturday, December 19, 2009

McFarlane Spider-Man original artwork

Here was a sweet piece that realized more than $4800 on eBay.

Todd McFarlane Spider-Man original comic book art for a promotional piece, with crazy disjointed hips and all, probably from around the time of his run on Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man. Large 11by17 art with some white-out around the eyes and near the arm. Plus a large lower corner cut off but then re-attached. All in all, not a bad looking piece for a McSpidey fan.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hero Initiative Wolverine: Weapon X #1 sketch covers

Hero Initiative is at it again! :)

"Marvel Comics graciously created blank-covered editions of the landmark new Wolverine: Weapon X #1 and gave them to The Hero Initiative to have a bountiful bevy of stellar artists do ORIGINAL drawings on the cover. Each of these covers is an original, one-of-a-kind piece! Hero will be auctioning these off at the rate of approximately 12 per week ’til we get thru ’em all!"

Artists that have donated sketched covers include Chris Bachalo, Joe Bennett, Colleen Coover, Clayton Crain, Ken Lashley, Steve Lieber, Jorge Lucas, Mike Kunkel, Mike McKone, Danny Miki, Todd Nauck, Jeff Parker, Brandon Peterson, Humberto Ramos, Stuart Sayger, Aaron Sowd, Dustin Weaver, Skottie Young and many other surprise guest artists!!

Check it out before they all sell out!!

This link is to the Hero Initiative eBay store and all the different Wolverine Weapon X #1 original art sketch covers and other original comic book art for sale.

Dave Cockrum Uncanny X-Men 101 DPS original comic book art

Here's a great page that just sold from eBay!!

Dave Cockrum Uncanny X-Men 101 DPS original comic book artwork feature their ship down and the team (or their heads anyways) in one large pane. Looks great framed!

This sold for $6500.00 with 36 bids.

For you X-Men fans, you already know this is a very prominent issue from 1976. Classic and historic splash.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Where The Wild Things Are" original artwork

Here's something you don't see often. An original Maurice Sendak "Where the Wild Things Are" original art piece and it's for sale from Sendak.

The art isn't cheap though. This piece had an asking price of over $100k. This is the original artwork for a Harper's poster from 1990. 15" x 21" unframed, graphite on vellum, 25" x 31" framed. Looks super super detailed.

Check out the other great Sendak pieces for sale here.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

1978 Byrne Austin Uncanny X-Men original art

One more to share. I love this stuff. :)

Super cool 1978 Byrne/Austin Uncanny X-Men 116 page 14 which sold for a tad more than $4100 recently. Wolverine, Nightcrawler (Dig it when Wolvie calls him Elf heh) and Storm, all done up in vintage and classic (now timeless) John Byrne and Terry Austin X-art team style. Maybe the best X-art team!

I miss the stories and art from that time. They just made the characters feel more human and less super "tough-guy" mutants, but somehow it was easier to related to them too, like the back and forth dialog back then was as if maybe you or me were talking to them. Maybe it was the late 70s and 80s period, where life maybe was simpler with less sophistication. Today's stuff is more formulated, more defined and less about the reader experience, less about what super hero said. Heck, most books nowadays have at least one, maybe multiple splash or 2/3 splash pages where someone will sell it off for a buck. Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. But somehow, a picture back then was worth more visually and much more of a treat to the senses. I'm not talking about value of the original art itself. You just got more from the story and books back then... background details were killer sophisticated and elaborate.

If you have any Byrne/Austin Uncanny X-Men pages or splashes for sale, anything Wolverine, Colossus, Cyclops, Phoenix, Marvel Girl, etc.. ping me (email addy on the sidebar). I'd love to throw a cash offer your way. :)

80s George Perez New Teen Titans Who's Who Twice-up team pinup

Here's a nice twice-up George Perez New Teen Titans Who's Who piece that recently sold for $4411.26. From either 1986 or 1988, clearly this double-page splash was either the center foldout or maybe a pull out pinup. Regardless, this large art features the whole team. Has a great 80s feel to this one with the team charging out and the Titans team heads along the 2 sides. Gotta love the way Raven's smoke billows are drawn --so darn consistent every time too. Awesome piece of original comic book art.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Post-San Diego Comic Con news and Byrne/Austin Uncanny X-Men

Hello original comic book art collectors!! Sorry for the lapse, had a fun-filled early 2009 so far with lots going on in my personal life but hopefully most of that is now sorted out and I can try to share more of what I'm seeing in the market.

For those of you that attended San Diego Comic-Con several weeks ago, hope it was a great show for you. I've seen tons of photos and read many stories. But I'd love to hear more of your own personal stories and your own experiences. Were there any great original comic book art pieces for sale?? Notice any trends for what is selling or being marketed to sell?? Shoot me an email when you get a chance.

As a side note, I do know that Jim Lee X-pages are clearly increasing in value. I'm aware of a couple deals that concluded within the past year of nice pages moving. I'm not going to bother giving specifics but they were really *really* nice splash pages. Is now the time to shell out and upgrade that piece you have sitting at home? Can't answer that, but you can always try to see what you can get for it and if it works, move the piece.

If you have any Lee/Williams X-Men or Uncanny X-Men pages for sale, please do contact me. Would love to throw an offer your way!! :D


Wanted to share a great looking page from Uncanny X-Men 137 that moved. This was from the Heritage Auction that recently concluded this weekend. Uncanny X-Men 137 page 43. This page features Wolverine and Colossus in a (Reverse) Fastball Special move against Phoenix on the moon. It was the all or nothing move. The layout is pretty sweet on this page and it's a key action sequence. Funny how the pages from this time were not as "splashy" as those in the current books you read. No doubt this is a great historic page!!

This gem sold for $16,132.50 including the gravy.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Super-Con 2009 in San Jose

I attended the first day at Super-Con 2009 in San Jose. With warmer weather hitting the area this weekend, I wasn't sure if attendance would be good or bad at the show. Looked pretty full to me.

The doors opened about 5 minutes late but with a long line already cued up out front, eager fanboys (and fangirls) raced into the convention straight for what seemed like the Adam Hughes table! :) The next large group of people seemed to be around the Eduardo Risso table. The artist of 100 Bullets fame had a crowd about 2 rows deep after I did a short loop around the "main" artist alley area. I was a little surprised to see that artists were in the back of the main show section as well as along the sides and front section of the show floor, generally spread out. This makes sense though since it seemed to prevent large clusters of people in only one area (other than those waiting for a particular artist) and maybe it would encourage more foot traffic throughout the show.

After some more slow geeking and looking at everything, I found the table for Whilce Portacio. Whilce wasn't there yet but his friendly and extremely nice wife (Their entire family is really nice!!) was there to manage the table till he got there shortly thereafter. They had some nice pre-done original art pieces as well as a few published pages so I couldn't help myself and picked up some goodies for me. :)

Feet kept moving me around till I slowed down and browsed the original art portfolios of some of the long time comic book artists --Ernie Chan, Pablo Marcos, Danny Bulanadi, Tony Dezuniga, and Alex Nino. Great great stuff there. Their use of pencil tones are incredible. If you haven't yet seen their pieces up-close, I encourage you to check out their work at the next show. Their fine lines and extraordinary backgrouns will really amaze you. I ended up getting a nice full figured and large Baron Karza sketch from Danny --funny and great guy too. I'm tempted to get another sketch from him now that I'm back from the show and finally have a chance to look at it more thoroughly. hahaha :)

Ended up perusing the many booths to see if there are any new or cool toys I need for my office. Amazed to see those "Super Hero Squad" figures still selling so well, but hey they are kinda cool. Lots of Star Wars toys still. Speaking of my Baron Karza sketch, I'm still waiting for a Micronauts movie and renewed interest for this untapped market and potential mega-franchise --just think of all the consumer merchandising here people. Think Transformers but think less tires and fenders. Just get Megan Fox to be Marionette, it will be a hit. ;)

I ended up finding my way back to Whilce's table and saw Whilce in action working on my piece. Woo hoo!! We ended up chatting for more than an hour about stuff, but it was great catching up. I think the last time I was able to chat face-to-face with them may have been 2004 in San Diego. Hope the next time isn't another 5 years.

Many familiar faces at the show including Eddy "I'm not Jim Lee" Choi. And finally was able to attach some faces of other art collectors to their email addresses as well. Overall fewer original art dealers, but still I'm glad I was able to make this show.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Watchmen original art still selling well

Watchmen original art is still selling well.

I guess people never get enough of nice original art, especially the kind that is hard to come by. The latest is this entire Watchmen team shot from Gibbons, co-creator and original artist on the series. Penciled and inked.

Ended @ $4850.00

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ditko Spidey & Dr Strange art

Another cool piece available is this Steve Ditko Spiderman and Dr Strange sketch! How often do you see Ditko original art for sale?!? And a Spidey and Doctor Strange piece, to boot.

Here is the original description from the auction itself. Currently @ $5200.00 and rising...


We have for you Comic Art Collectors and Fans alike a very special piece of artwork by the legendary artist Steve Ditko! For all of you who have not lived under a rock for the past 40 years know Steve Ditko is the artist who first gave live to two of Marvel Comics most iconic heroes SPIDER-MAN and Dr. Strange! We offer here now for you to own the PIN-Up art Steve Ditko drew for an early 1960’s Comic Book Fanzine.

This Marvelous Masterpiece Pin-Up features not one but both of Steve Ditko’s most monumental heroes: Spidey and Doc Strange master of the mystic arts, both together on one page! Drawn in pencil, pen and brush with black magic ink on 8 ½ by 11 typing paper. If you look close enough you can see the pencil work around Dr. Strange’s waste, where the lines were erased for the mystical fog.

Artwork is on 8 ½ by 11 typing paper; shows some age; little nick out of lower right edge corner (Dr. Strange side) with a piece or two of tape on the back from many years ago when it hung on the wall. This is a pulse-pounding piece of art from the Marvel Age of comics that any true believer worth their no prize would proudly love to own!!

Steve Ditko - Early career. Ditko studied at the Cartoonists and Illustrators School in New York City under Jerry Robinson and began professionally illustrating comic books in 1953. Much of his early work, beginning in the early 1950s, was for Charlton Comics (for whom he continued to work intermittently until the company's demise in 1986), producing science fiction, horror and mystery stories. Later in the decade, he would also begin drawing for Atlas Comics, the 1950s precursor of Marvel Comics. He is well known for designing superheroes that wear masks that show absolutely no facial features. Such examples are Spider-Man and the DC Comics character the Question.

Is notoriously reclusive and very rarely, if ever, appears in public. He never gives interviews and the closest most people have ever been to seeing his face is in an early issue of Spider-Man in which a self-portrait of him sleeping at his desk appears.

He is the creator of such comic book characters as Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, the Question, Shade and The Changing Man. In addition, he has worked as an artist on many other comics. Although Ditko had returned to work for Marvel Comics several times after his mid-60s departure, he has steadfastly refused to again draw his two most famous characters, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange.

Schulz Peanuts Sunday artwork auction passes $16k and keeps rising

For those of you that haven't seen this yet, there's a nice Charles Schulz Peanuts Snoopy "Sunday" original artwork up for sale on eBay and it is currently at $16,050.00 but has not yet met the reserve. Looks very clean and in great condition, and nicely framed. From Sunday January 21, 1996.

Will this exceed $20k?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

WonderCon 2009 SF Trip Report

Yes it's that time again. It was WonderCon 2009 this weekend in San Francisco. I walked through the floor on Saturday and partial day on Sunday.

First off, I would have to say that the show looked very healthy, very large crowds as it was packed even till 5pm when I left. Talking to the folks working and selling original art, toys, comics, etc from the booths, everyone said that sales were very good and people were definitely buying! The line to get in on Saturday could have wrapped around the large Moscone Center block if they hadn't started to let us in. I was in line watching the end of my line wrap around my line and block the sidewalks completely. The lack of rain on Saturday also helped. If this is any sign, I think Comic-Con in San Diego later this year will be big as well.

I started the show by hitting the booths that were related to original comic book art --Albert Moy, 100 Auctions (Bechara Maalouf), Anthony Snyder Collectibles, The Donnelly's, Heroes Comics Book (Alan Bahr), Schanes Animation Art (awesome stuff!!), Scott Eder Gallery, etc. I didn't find Romitaman but I heard he was there as well. As always, there were plenty of original comic book artwork gems lining their booth walls. Impressive pieces I saw included a Giant Size X-Men 1 page, various Neal Adams' Green Lantern covers, some Dave Gibbons Watchmen pieces, Kirby splashes, Jim Lee covers, early Amazing Spiderman covers, etc etc really just too many beautiful pieces to list here. There were also some bargains to be had as well, and I couldn't resist. :)

Cutting through Artist Alley on Saturday, the commission lists were full for the top artists it seemed. If Jeff Scott Campbell wasn't sketching commissions, he would be selling those great looking prints from his table. Same for the Jim Lee table manned by Eddy Choi with a sign that read "I'm not Jim Lee". Lots of great looking high quality color prints for sale there and it was tempting to buy. I wandered to Travis Charest's table to find Travis there sketching (no fans surrounding him) and selling a couple stacks of Space Girl Vol 1 books still available at $20.00/each. I bought another! Great book if you haven't bought it yet!! I also spent some time at Mike Royer's table --the long time Jack Kirby inker, and had a chance to talk to him and show him some of the pieces I picked up that day. He also signed my Kirby page (Thanks again Mike!). I appreciated his insight and great stories about how it used to be when he first started. If you don't know who Mike Royer is, I recommend you stop and talk to him, and buy something from him at the next show you see him at which will be San Diego Comic Con. He's done some great work on Winnie The Pooh, various work at Disney, etc.

Best costume prob goes to either the Batman and Catwoman duo, or the woman in the Planet of the Apes with FX makeup, hair and costume. I did a double-take when I saw her. She looked so unassuming walking the show. If I didn't know better I'd say she walked off a tv/movie set.

I guess with the New York Comic Con couple weeks ago and WonderCon this weekend, it is officially the opening of comic book convention season in 2009. Get your pocketbooks out and enjoy the shows. :)


Sunday, February 8, 2009

More Dave Gibbons Watchmen Original Comic Book Artwork

Before I run out the door, wanted to share another hot auction for those keeping track of what is selling and what isn't, trends, etc.

This is the original comic book art for Watchmen 5 page 20 by Dave Gibbons.

With the Watchmen movie finally ready to come out in a few short months after some studio wrangling, and the lack of Dave Gibbons Watchmen original art for sale on the open market (ie. eBay), this is another big auction. Big spenders are still coming out to drop coin as the bid count increases. Currently at $2035 but with a few days remaining.

Also, just wanted to thank all of you that are reading and following this blog. This is our 100th post already. Hope there is another 100+ in store for us. ;) Send us more email if you want to see more or less of particular subject matters.

Visit us on the web @ -- We buy sell trade collect original comic book artwork from the late 70s, 80s and early 90s. If you have any original artwork from Uncanny X-Men 267 for sale or trade, please contact us. Would love to work out a deal with you. cheers.

Monday, February 2, 2009

James Jean Fables original artwork

This has got to be one of the best, if not the best Fables cover to hit eBay. Original painted cover artwork to the Fables TPB "Arabian Nights (and Days)" by James Jean.

Currently at $5.5k, this one may skyrocket before it's over in a few more days. James Jean artwork has been on the rise, esp with his transition to Fine Artwork from Illustration. His work has been very well received so far, and many speculate his work will only get better with time. Maybe that means you should buy some of his artwork now, before he really hits it big and you only see his stuff in museums around the world.

Friday, January 30, 2009

New Teen Titans 2 page 9 original comic book art

Just wanted to share a nice piece of original comic book art that sold recently off eBay. You don't see many pages from the early NTT series come up for sale. They get snatched up quickly.

1980 New Teen Titans 2 page 9 original comic book art with George Perez pencils and Romeo Tanghal inks... Sold for just North of $1000.

If you have any early George Perez New Teen Titans pages (1980 series) for sale or trade, please contact me. :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dave Gibbons Watchmen Original Comic Book Art !!

Just in case you missed it, there are 2 Dave Gibbons Watchmen original comic book art pieces up on eBay. First piece is a DPS splash from issue 5. Second piece is also from Watchmen #5. Super super rare. How often do you see Dave Gibbons Watchmen original art for sale? How about like never. :)

The DPS is currently at $24k but reserve not yet met... and ending very soon --Watch this auction for some last minute frantic bidding.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Walt Simonson Thor and Beta Ray Bill original art

Before I call it a night, I've got one more notable sale that I want to report on. :)

Walt Simonson Thor and Beta Ray Bill original artwork, donated by Walt, with proceeds going towards The Lance and Carla Hoffman Burn Fund.

As most of you already know, Walt Simonson artwork doesn't come up for sale often as Walt keeps all of his art. You may see a sketch here and there, but rarely full sized finished art. From time to time, gems come loose from his private collection, and indeed this was a gem. Basically I see it as a full commission with backgrounds, penciled and inked. He doesn't do commissions as far as I know and I don't think you'll see any of his published covers hit the open market. That might explain the $5800 realized sale. Congrats to the winner of the auction.

If you want to help Lance and Carla, check out their site here.

Don Rosa Uncle Scrooge original artwork

This recent auction realized in excess of $14k for the complete 24 page Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge story "Attack of the Hideous Space Monsters!" by Don Rosa.

See the complete interior artwork in large scans at the auction page. A truly beautiful collection of detailed original artwork by Don Rosa.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jim Lee Uncanny X-Men 276 splash doesn't hit $4k on market

There was a great Jim Lee Uncanny X-Men splash page on eBay last week but didn't sell there.

Uncanny X-Men 276 page 1 featuring Gambit and Jubilee.

It was only a year (or maybe less than a year) that this same page would have sold for $4k easily but it didn't even hit that number in auction. Does this mean Jim Lee artwork is gonna take a big hit in the coming months and years? Only time will tell. Could also be that the Jim Lee art market is getting saturated with a lot of his art out there, so it's only natural that prices will not be as high. The collectors with deep pockets might not "have to" have that page anymore. It's easy to blame the recession and crappy economy, as to why fringe collectors are not willing to drop large amounts of cash on artwork. Collectors might be betting against this artwork getting back to those once higher prices. However, it is surprising that more sellers are not trying to "cash out" now while there is still a market for premium artwork. Or it's plain too late, evidenced by this unrealized auction. I'm sure there will be some nifty deals in the near future once those bills start piling up, or more people are affected by the economy. It's all cyclical, in the long run the art market will come back up, but short run is anybody's guess how low things will get and how long (years) before they eventually turn back up to recent high levels.

In the meantime, if you have any Jim Lee X-Men or Uncanny X-Men original artwork for sale, email us. We are also still seeking interior pages from Uncanny X-men 267 --2nd appearance of Gambit issue by Lee, Portacio, Williams.

We buy $$$ trade and deal for late 70s, 80s and early 90s original comic book artwork. McFarlane, Miller, Byrne, Adams, Romita, Lee, Cockrum, Sienkiewicz, etc.