Monday, September 17, 2007

Hero Initiative Covers still on eBay

Just wanted to follow-up with news that there are still a few Hero Initiative Ultimate Spider-Man #100 covers for sale (first time offering) on eBay. Check em out while they still last. Only 6 days left!!

Just to recap for those of you that didn't catch the initial batch that sold on eBay months ago, Todd McFarlane's cover garnered the highest activity and realized price. 37 bids and finally stopping at a cool $6,701.00. There are quite a few really nice ones comparable to Todd's, such as Adam Kubert's and George Perez's cover, but I guess it just goes to show you that the guy still has it and can still draw. Can you imagine if he came back to comic books to draw? I don't think he'd be on any regular title. And he clearly makes too much money now to NOT return to comics, but I would prob pick up his book and read it if he did return. Browse his art and that crazy spaghetti spider webbing he is known to spin.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Buscema Silver Surfer #4 Cover Recreation

Here's something you don't see often. A recreation of the cover to Silver Surfer #4 penciled and inked by the late great John Buscema. This is a classic cover image depicting the surfer coming down against Thor. The seller says that these recreations go in the range of $2500.00 - $3500.00. I actually believe this one will exceed this estimate. How often do you see these recreations become available and if you do, how much will it cost to get it out of the owner's hands? With early Sal Buscema artwork already fetching higher prices due to the great work he had done, I think collector's are coming around to these "old school" masters of the comic book medium. Sure, everyone talks about the Romita's, the Kirby's and Gene Colan's, and of course Neal Adams should get a lot of respect. It is long past due, that John and Sal Buscema original artwork will start to pick up in value and become more collected. Just a hunch, but look for it in the coming year+ if not already.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

X-Men #1 Kirby page on eBay

Guess what's re-listed and for sale again? Yes, the Kirby X-Men #1 page that didn't sell in late August. I guess it never changed hands. Personally, I think it's a better overall investment than the FF pages. It won't be cheap but a better investment for the long run, probably, with all things equal as compared to a Kirby FF page. I can't factor in final realize price since, well, the auction is still going and won't end for some time. The X-Men franchise is very healthy --movies, merchandising, comics and their characters are doing well too. Broad appeal too. Stay tuned and we'll keep an eye on this.

Rare Honus Wagner T206 sold $2.8 million

The Mona Lisa of baseball cards, the mint and super rare 1909 Honus Wagner card, sold last week to an unidentified collector for a cool $2.8 million dollars.

Just had to share this on the blog. And I thought the collectible market as an investment vehicle wasn't doing that great, but I guess there still are people out there that collect baseball cards for more than a hobby. With real estate price investments fluctuating and or declining for the past few years, I think people are looking to broaden their portfolio from the traditional set of investment vehicles (ie. real estate, stocks, mutual funds, etc). Maybe that will pump more excitement and cash into the collectible area (memorabilia, comics, sport cards, etc) and further spur more movement of higher end collectibles.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

4 Jack King Kirby Fantastic Four original art pages!

What a crazy single day for original art! Can you believe 4 different Jack Kirby Fantastic Four original art auctions will all end on Thursday, Sept 6?!? I'm guessing the 4 pages in total will sell for in excess of $32k, probably more. I hope they meet their reserves. Currently they are at collectively $21,097.00 with a total of 41 bids. All from the same ultimate seller too, nice.

I'm not sure what kind of investments these will end up to be in the future, but I gotta say that at least whoever ends up ponying up and getting them will be really happy, and that's an understatement. But then again, Jack "King" Kirby and Stan Lee really were the early vision of comics, and really that's how we got to where we are today.

If you are playing at home, here are those auctions, in the order in which they will end. Hmm, so many choice and so little time.. Which one will it be?

Kirby Fantastic Four #16 page 10, "Thing Transformation"
Kirby Fantastic Four #36 page 6, "Twice-up interior art"
Kirby Fantastic Four #51 page 23, "This Man This Monster"
Kirby Fantastic Four #20 page 15, "Mole Man Battles Invisible Girl"

And this doesn't include the John Buscema Fantastic Four 123 splash page ending today as well. It's going to be a Fantastic Four kind of day on eBay..

UPDATE 9/6 9:30pm
FF 16 pg 10: $4950.00 Reserve not met (BIN $11750.00)
FF 36 pg 6: $2299.00 Reserve not met (BIN $3975.00)
FF 51 pg 23: $16,102.00
FF 20 pg 15: $4450.00
FF 123 pg 1: $4305.00 Reserve not met

Monday, September 3, 2007

What does $4,130.00 and 83 bids get you?

Today, 3 pieces of Jim Lee original artwork sold for $4,130.00 with a combined 83 bids on eBay. Nice. Things seem to be picking up in the original art area..

$1469.00 - X-Men #9 page 23 by Lee/Thibert
$1436.00 - Uncanny X-Men #269 page 8 by Lee/Williams
$1225.00 - Unpublished (?) 1990 Wolverine sketch by Lee/Portacio/Williams

Shown here is Uncanny X-Men 269 page 8. This is the Rogue issue.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Bonds 756 Homerun Ball @ Sotheby's

This isn't exactly comics or original artwork, but just thought I'd add a post on the Barry Bonds #756 home run baseball. This is the ball that technically breaks Hank Aaron's long time "All Time Home Run" record. I say technically, since who knows what will happen to the record if/when MLB doesn't accept Barry's performance as legitimate. Further down the road, this ball will be a bargain I believe. Whoever ends up picking this up for the long-haul will have something significant from it, to show in the end. It will be a better investment than whatever Todd McFarlane dropped on Sosa's and McGwire's 1998 homerun race baseballs, that's for sure. How much better of an investment, only time will tell..

Anyhow, both #755 and #756 are on auction right now at Sotheby's SCP Auctions site. The balls are marked with special MLB markings "124" for the 755 ball, and "138" for the 756 ball, as these special numbered and marked balls were used during the pursuit.

I'll update this post with the realized prices as soon as the auction ends, for those of you interested in investment potential valuation.

UPDATE: Home run baseball 755, which tied Aaron's record, sold for $186,750.00. Home run baseball 756, which broke Aaron's record, sold for $752,467.00. Both buyers chose not to be be identified.

Flash #226, page 5 Neal Adams $3800+

Here's a nice page that actually might have been a bargain at $3837.77. Don't think so? Neal Adam's Green Lantern art is pretty much "classic" and always in demand, and nice pages with large panels devoted to GL don't come cheap, if they become available. Since this was a backup story feature GL from the Flash #226 book, that might have been a reason it didn't sell for more.

While some people say art is art, the storyline and book the art appeared does have some significance in valuing art. Art from key issues will always get a higher realized prices, as compared to something from a not significant story. They are more sought after since collectors not only can associate themselves with certain stories, but also may have attachment to issues they've read. Key issues definitely have storyline historical significance.

Would you pay more for original art that is from a key issue? I think most collectors out there will say 100% yes to that one, unfortunately for those looking to grow their collection. Artwork from more prominent issues will also be easier to sell.

Spider-Man 1 pg 5 McFarlane $7500

Another cool page came and went, sold on eBay. This time, Spider-Man #1 page 5, by Todd McFarlane.

Could this be a revival for McFarlane art? Seems like McFarlane pages are getting hot again and I don't say that because this page went for a nice number. This was a page from a first issue and a landmark best selling issue, from an artist that no longer or doesn't often draw anymore. Anything with McFarlane's autograph or a doodle seems to get a lot of attention. The pages I had for sale from All-Star Squadron #47 and Hulk #330 sold earlier this year too.

Hopefully those that have McFarlane art will start putting out some gems for sale. Also noticing some nice Kirby pages for sale lately. Even Jim Lee Uncanny X-Men art is showing up on eBay again.