Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jim Lee Batman original art auction

Batman original comic book artwork by Jim Lee. Bid on this piece Jim created and is now auctioning off for a personal cause. Bid bid bid. :)

Quoted from the auction page:
As my schedule permits, every now and then I try and help out with worthwhile causes whether it's the CBLDF or the Clearview School Fundraiser...this time I am doing something on a smaller scale but for as big and worthy of a cause. Something for a friend of a friend. Someone I have never had the honor of meeting but has a plight which moved me into action.

On November 12th, 2008, a friend of a friend, Portia Cano, passed away after battling bone cancer. Diagnosed back in 2003, she underwent dozens of major surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments before she fell to the disease, leaving behind her husband, Marco, and four children, ages one to ten. Unfortunately over the years their bills mounted, as her health insurance didn't cover all of the treatment.

So every year, Will and Amy, friends of Carla and me put on an informal fundraiser to benefit the Cano Family. This year, I am contributing this piece I drew specifically for the fundraiser. I am giving any art collectors looking for an one of a kind holiday gift to check it out here first. It measures 11x14 and is on 2 ply bristol board and is drawn in ink and whiteout.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Alpha Flight Byrne original comic book art

Here's another nice splash page that sold for a nice amount. Alpha Flight pages from John Byrne must be more hard to find than one thinks. Try looking for one. You just don't see them available very often. At least not really nice ones.

Then check out this eBay auction featuring Alpha Flight 26 page 1 splash with Guardian by Byrne pencils and inks by Wiacek. Sold for $2100.00 (realized price).

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jim Lee X-Men 3 page 13 for $2850.00

Nice Jim Lee interior page from X-Men 3 (page 13) recently sold on eBay for $2850.00. Nice amount of money given these less than stellar economic times. I'm sure this page would have sold for at least $3500 had this been a year ago, maybe more. The page features Wolverine in a couple panels and a large furry Beast face in the middle panel. All in all, a nice panel page.

Monday, December 15, 2008