Monday, September 17, 2007

Hero Initiative Covers still on eBay

Just wanted to follow-up with news that there are still a few Hero Initiative Ultimate Spider-Man #100 covers for sale (first time offering) on eBay. Check em out while they still last. Only 6 days left!!

Just to recap for those of you that didn't catch the initial batch that sold on eBay months ago, Todd McFarlane's cover garnered the highest activity and realized price. 37 bids and finally stopping at a cool $6,701.00. There are quite a few really nice ones comparable to Todd's, such as Adam Kubert's and George Perez's cover, but I guess it just goes to show you that the guy still has it and can still draw. Can you imagine if he came back to comic books to draw? I don't think he'd be on any regular title. And he clearly makes too much money now to NOT return to comics, but I would prob pick up his book and read it if he did return. Browse his art and that crazy spaghetti spider webbing he is known to spin.

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