Sunday, September 2, 2007

Bonds 756 Homerun Ball @ Sotheby's

This isn't exactly comics or original artwork, but just thought I'd add a post on the Barry Bonds #756 home run baseball. This is the ball that technically breaks Hank Aaron's long time "All Time Home Run" record. I say technically, since who knows what will happen to the record if/when MLB doesn't accept Barry's performance as legitimate. Further down the road, this ball will be a bargain I believe. Whoever ends up picking this up for the long-haul will have something significant from it, to show in the end. It will be a better investment than whatever Todd McFarlane dropped on Sosa's and McGwire's 1998 homerun race baseballs, that's for sure. How much better of an investment, only time will tell..

Anyhow, both #755 and #756 are on auction right now at Sotheby's SCP Auctions site. The balls are marked with special MLB markings "124" for the 755 ball, and "138" for the 756 ball, as these special numbered and marked balls were used during the pursuit.

I'll update this post with the realized prices as soon as the auction ends, for those of you interested in investment potential valuation.

UPDATE: Home run baseball 755, which tied Aaron's record, sold for $186,750.00. Home run baseball 756, which broke Aaron's record, sold for $752,467.00. Both buyers chose not to be be identified.

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