Sunday, September 2, 2007

Spider-Man 1 pg 5 McFarlane $7500

Another cool page came and went, sold on eBay. This time, Spider-Man #1 page 5, by Todd McFarlane.

Could this be a revival for McFarlane art? Seems like McFarlane pages are getting hot again and I don't say that because this page went for a nice number. This was a page from a first issue and a landmark best selling issue, from an artist that no longer or doesn't often draw anymore. Anything with McFarlane's autograph or a doodle seems to get a lot of attention. The pages I had for sale from All-Star Squadron #47 and Hulk #330 sold earlier this year too.

Hopefully those that have McFarlane art will start putting out some gems for sale. Also noticing some nice Kirby pages for sale lately. Even Jim Lee Uncanny X-Men art is showing up on eBay again.

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