Sunday, September 2, 2007

Flash #226, page 5 Neal Adams $3800+

Here's a nice page that actually might have been a bargain at $3837.77. Don't think so? Neal Adam's Green Lantern art is pretty much "classic" and always in demand, and nice pages with large panels devoted to GL don't come cheap, if they become available. Since this was a backup story feature GL from the Flash #226 book, that might have been a reason it didn't sell for more.

While some people say art is art, the storyline and book the art appeared does have some significance in valuing art. Art from key issues will always get a higher realized prices, as compared to something from a not significant story. They are more sought after since collectors not only can associate themselves with certain stories, but also may have attachment to issues they've read. Key issues definitely have storyline historical significance.

Would you pay more for original art that is from a key issue? I think most collectors out there will say 100% yes to that one, unfortunately for those looking to grow their collection. Artwork from more prominent issues will also be easier to sell.

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