Wednesday, September 5, 2007

4 Jack King Kirby Fantastic Four original art pages!

What a crazy single day for original art! Can you believe 4 different Jack Kirby Fantastic Four original art auctions will all end on Thursday, Sept 6?!? I'm guessing the 4 pages in total will sell for in excess of $32k, probably more. I hope they meet their reserves. Currently they are at collectively $21,097.00 with a total of 41 bids. All from the same ultimate seller too, nice.

I'm not sure what kind of investments these will end up to be in the future, but I gotta say that at least whoever ends up ponying up and getting them will be really happy, and that's an understatement. But then again, Jack "King" Kirby and Stan Lee really were the early vision of comics, and really that's how we got to where we are today.

If you are playing at home, here are those auctions, in the order in which they will end. Hmm, so many choice and so little time.. Which one will it be?

Kirby Fantastic Four #16 page 10, "Thing Transformation"
Kirby Fantastic Four #36 page 6, "Twice-up interior art"
Kirby Fantastic Four #51 page 23, "This Man This Monster"
Kirby Fantastic Four #20 page 15, "Mole Man Battles Invisible Girl"

And this doesn't include the John Buscema Fantastic Four 123 splash page ending today as well. It's going to be a Fantastic Four kind of day on eBay..

UPDATE 9/6 9:30pm
FF 16 pg 10: $4950.00 Reserve not met (BIN $11750.00)
FF 36 pg 6: $2299.00 Reserve not met (BIN $3975.00)
FF 51 pg 23: $16,102.00
FF 20 pg 15: $4450.00
FF 123 pg 1: $4305.00 Reserve not met

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