Sunday, October 7, 2007

Arthur Adams FF 551 cover sells for $7200.00

Was anyone else watching the Arthur Adams Fantastic Four 551 variant cover close on eBay for $7200.00 tonight? Gotta love the snipers. I guess I wasn't expecting it to go as high obviously but there are 2 bids over the $7k barrier. It's some big art, 13.75" by 20" and according to the description, the art fills most of the paper. And if you ever seen Arthur Adams art in person, then you know it's fully loaded with super details and his inking is meticulously tight. If you've ever seen him draw, he takes his time but the result is almost always a beautiful rendition. Kudos to the person who won this great looking cover.

I've still got a few Art Adams pieces for sale...
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