Saturday, June 21, 2008

Romita Sr Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man 15 cover

If anyone blinked, this 1977 Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man 15 original cover artwork by John Romita Sr auction ended this morning at $7050.00

Really nice large Spiderman image on hard to find early Romita Sr cover. Might not be from ASM, but still great great cover artwork for a nice price.

As noted in the auction, the published cover had a mask statted to Flash's face/head, and another body statted in the background amongst the rubble. Nevertheless, can't beat the original vision as shown in the original art without those 2 stats.

If you have any 70s-80s Romita Sr Amazing Spiderman (ASM) or Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man original art for sale, please contact me.

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