Saturday, June 21, 2008

Byrne Avengers 165 original art

Byrne Avengers pages are slowly coming out of the closet and selling at 5-6k+ prices. These early gems hardly ever show up and when they do, they will command these high prices since many collectors are dearly seeking a piece for their own collection. Could it be that Byrne/Austin Uncanny X-Men original art has slowly made it's way around to all the "hard-core" collectors seeking pages from that run? Has this artificially created demand for his other early work that isn't as well publicized and not as well known?

Here are 3 auctions I'm aware of that ended recently:

Avengers 165 page 1 (Listed at $24,500.00)
Avengers 165 page 23 (Realized $6,050.00)
Avengers 165 page 27 (Realized $5,900.57)

Reportedly, an unknown page from this issue sold in the range of $7250.00 earlier past year.

If you are already thinking like I'm thinking, here is a checklist of Byrne artwork from the Byrne Robotics website (Official John Byrne site)

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