Monday, December 17, 2007

Batman in I Am Legend ?!?

I saw Will Smith's "I Am Legend" the other night and just wanted to comment on a quick scene in the movie. Early in the movie, when Will Smith is hunting in Times Square (NYC), the camera pans and shows a future Batman movie billboard with the Superman logo superimposed in the middle of the Bats logo. The date on the billboard was 6.15.2010. Think this was only a billboard prop, or an early (and subtle) preview by the folks at Warner Bros? The camera seemed to stop on the billboard for more than a quick glimpse. BTW, The sets for this movie looked great. I heard they closed down at least 6 blocks of 5th Avenue on a Monday to shoot some scenes.

Here's what they are saying about the Bats/Supes billboard "officially", er when asked about it in an interview posted on

Also, the "The Dark Knight" trailer before the movie showed a lot including his cool bike. Joker looks great, and really more mean psycho as compared to the comedic Jack Nicholson version. Maggie Gyllenhaal plays Rachel Dawes. Christian Bale returns as Batman.

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