Sunday, January 18, 2009

Walt Simonson Thor and Beta Ray Bill original art

Before I call it a night, I've got one more notable sale that I want to report on. :)

Walt Simonson Thor and Beta Ray Bill original artwork, donated by Walt, with proceeds going towards The Lance and Carla Hoffman Burn Fund.

As most of you already know, Walt Simonson artwork doesn't come up for sale often as Walt keeps all of his art. You may see a sketch here and there, but rarely full sized finished art. From time to time, gems come loose from his private collection, and indeed this was a gem. Basically I see it as a full commission with backgrounds, penciled and inked. He doesn't do commissions as far as I know and I don't think you'll see any of his published covers hit the open market. That might explain the $5800 realized sale. Congrats to the winner of the auction.

If you want to help Lance and Carla, check out their site here.

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