Wednesday, September 3, 2008

$4650 - Dale Keown Hero Initiative Hulk 1 sketch cover!!

Here's an awesome cover sketch on the Marvel Comics/Hero Initiative Hulk # 1 by Hulk supreme-artist Dale Keown. Pencil and ink plus grayscale pencil in super detail. This might be the best Hero Initiative Hulk art cover too!! You can see the glare off the Hulk's eyes... Love the way DK did Hulk's hair. There aren't many artist that have such a dynamic and unique vision of the Hulk. I can only name a few artists whose style on the Hulk really blows me away --Keown, McFarlane (pencil and inked!), Ditko, Kirby, Sal Buscema, Jeff Purves, Mike Deodato, John Byrne and Bruce Timm.

[ Speaking of which, if you have any Jeff Purves Hulk pages for sale or trade, email me!! ]

This cover "sketch" is a fine example of Dale's work and this piece would be great in anyone's collection, whether you are a fan of his art, or just collecting comics. Plus as a bonus, this piece could be sent off to the folks at CGC for authentication registration with the price of purchase.

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