Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hero Initiative Hulk 1 original art covers

Yeah!! The folks at Hero Initiative are at it again. Last year, they had an amazing run of Hero Initiative Ultimate Spider-Man 100 covers auctioned off on eBay. This year, they are doing Hulk #1 sketch covers. And wow are they ever. They've got some SUPER nice pieces up for auction already including some gems from Dave Simons, John Cassaday, Guillermo Del Torro, Paul Renaud, Dean Yeagle, John Romita SR, Jay Lynch, Brian Denham, Marat Mychaels, Bob Wiacek, and more to be announced/ posted soon.

Keep this link handy as it it to the HeroInitiative eBay store. and they will be updating this store with new covers regularly.

Shown here is the John Cassaday Hulk #1 cover. I'd love to see a Todd McFarlane, Jeff Purves, or maybe a Dale Keown version. Drool drool... Bid bid... :)...

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