Saturday, May 24, 2008

Todd McFarlane original art gallery

I was browsing the web earlier today and came across an interesting site. I'm sure many of you have already been there and seen the gems...

Todd McFarlane's site has a TON of interesting stuff to read and look at, including, yup you guessed it, a nice online gallery of McFarlane original art including some of his favorites. And it's even narrated by him. Woot. The art was original presented as part of a retrospective exhibit showcasing Todd's art and career (Held at New York's MoCCA in 2006).

Shown here, Batman sketch, was the first McFarlane artwork published in a legitimate comic book (1981). Wild wild stuff but very very cool. Something about it sorta reminds me of his work on Detective Comics, Batman Year 2.

Other pages shown at the site include pages from Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man, New Mutants, Hulk, Spawn, and others. Even rejection letters and doodles from high school days.

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