Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring, emails, and artwork

Spring is here.
I've been away from the computer past few weeks, so I apologize for those waiting for an update. I'm back and have been thinking of only posting some thoughts here, and hope to have new art up on the main website as well. And will be adding some new stuff to the "Original Comic Book Artwork For Sale" section in a couple weeks. Get the inside track and stay tuned.

Email. Got an email from a couple collector friends recently asking about trying to help value some pages they have for sale. Got another email wondering if I've heard anything about a specific piece of artwork. First off, THANKS for your emails and keep em coming. I just want to reiterate that if you want to chat about art, please just shoot me an email anytime 24/7 and I try to help out as much as I can, and WILL respond to every request. Curious about trends? Want an inside tip for certain art by a certain artist? Want an opinion on your art? Recommendation on framing? Want a second opinion on something you are selling, etc. I can't tell you enough about the many passionate collector friends I've met through this hobby. In fact I know a great group of collectors that are in France, and which I try to meet up with every time I visit Paris.

Hot artwork watch. Took a look at my trusty Most Watched eBay Auctions page, and noticed an interesting auction ending soon.

Jim Lee/Scott Williams Uncanny X-Men 275 page 1 Splash!

Yo. These splash pages don't come up for sale often, or if they do, they get snatched up quickly. I should know. I sold a couple decent Lee/Williams X-pages last year from my site, and they sold faaast. Throw in a bid here, or check out the pages I still have left for sale. :) Original comic book artwork, either as investment or to collect, can't get much worse than this, and as you already noticed, Jim Lee X-art is still worth buying. Why X-art (Uncanny X-Men, X-Men, X-Factor, etc)? Have you seen the prices of his Hush and Superman, and All-Star BM & R? It's only going to be matter of time before his past (X-Men artwork which put him on every fanboy's radar), will increase in value, or better put catch up, with his more current stuff.

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