Saturday, March 8, 2008

Uncanny X-Men 137 page 10

Here's a great looking page from one of the most significant comics in the Marvel Universe. Uncanny X-Men 137 page 10 featuring Nightcrawler throughout in the Danger Room, and Angel in the last 2 panels.

These pages don't come up for sale often. If I were to offer a guess on value, I'd put this one at between $4500.00-$6500.00, maybe more for art from this issue.

1) Nightcrawler feature prominently throughout the page.
2) Art from a highly sought after issue (story and art).
3) Classic classic 80s Uncanny X-Men artwork.
4) Byrne, Austin, Claremont. Nuff said.

Get ready to see some all-out bidding in the coming days. Or last 2 minutes.

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