Wednesday, February 6, 2008

SD Comic-Con and SF WonderCon 2008

It's comic convention season already.

Just wanted to give a notice to those of you that will be attending the big convention down in San Diego later this summer, Comic-Con 2008, July 24-27. Today is the first day to book hotels through their website [Link to] and get some discount on the rooms. Rooms go fast.

Also WonderCon 2008 San Francisco, Feb 22-24 is coming up fast. Get your tix and travel accommodations lined up since it is almost 2 weeks away. Announced guests for this show include:

» Sergio Aragon├ęs
» Kurt Busiek
» Mike Choi
» Becky Cloonan
» Darwyn Cooke
» Terry Dodson
» Mark Evanier
» Jim Lee
» Steve Leialoha
» David Mack
» Terry Moore
» Noel Neill
» Tim Sale
» J. Michael Straczynski
» Ben Templesmith
» Bruce Timm
» Herb Trimpe
» Bill Willingham
» Brian Wood

Here's a link to the Exhibitors and those that are scheduled for Artists' Alley.

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