Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Amazing Spider-Man 311 page 27

Here's a pretty nice interior page from Todd McFarlane Amazing Spider-Man 311 page 27, featuring Spidey in every panel and literally all over the original art, and it's signed by Todd McFarlane himself. Comes with the matching color guide which is a nice touch, especially if you end up winning this auction and then framing them side-by-side. Currently at $4050.00 with a few days to go, but this will probably keep rising. I get the feeling McFarlane ASM and Spider-Man pages will be showing up on eBay in 2008. Maybe this is the year McFarlane ASM pages will take a healthy upward jump in value. In some ways, it's about time this happened.

I'll update this post with the final price when the auction ends.

UPDATE: The auction ended early but turns out the page is still available but the seller is hoping to pick up an Amazing Fantasy 15 from the funds. I kid you not. So if you have an AF 15 you want to trade for McFarlane ASM original art, be sure to get in touch with this seller ASAP.

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